P1120453 copy side 1 carol decker street art (Medium)

This is a project called “street art”.  I was requested to paint a fiberglass model of a pig for the NJ State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show here in New Jersey.  This is one of three painted pigs by three different artists as a fundraiser for the fair grounds. The auction for these pigs will be held on August 10. They will be displayed in a prominent place during the fair for all to see.  My theme for this project is “When Pigs Fly”, so I just covered it with birds and named her Phoebe!  It took me a full month, days and most nights until 10 or 11pm, but I have to say it was a fun project.  It’s all painted with acrylics, varnished with a UV final varnish and clear coated at an auto body shop for “outdoor” protection. This was a first for me and much of it was made up as I went.  This is side 1 and below photo is side 2

P1120455 copy carol decker side 2 street art (Medium)



sketch for pig project art side 1  151 sketch for pig project art side 2  150 (Medium)


 Above  working idea sketches for street art pig model.  Side 1 is my original idea of just cover with birds anywhere.  Side 2 became more organized and thoughtful with the actual painting of the pig. I  wanted to include the stars and stripes banner to represent America, our New Jersey state bird, the American Goldfinch, and High Point Monument to represent Sussex County.  Since this is the first time I’ve done something like this, and a first time for Sussex County, I wanted all aspects of the location to be included.  I don’t know where it will finally be placed or owned after the auction, but I’ve covered the basics , county, state and country! It was a great opportunity and I was happy to donate my time and painting for this project.  Some may think it was for “free”, but I will receive a boatload of exposure and publicity!!  Not too bad.

I have to add when I first saw this fiberglass model I almost passed out, it was as big as a motorcycle and I though I would never get it painted in time.  But I set my mind to work and since it’s done early and the first of the three pigs finished, I think they will display it in safe secure public buildings like the hospital and banks, etc. leading up to the August fair dates.  Wouldn’t it be great for visitors to see something like this in the lobby of a hospital coming and going perhaps with heavy duty troubles to carry— a moment of unexpected delight to lighten a burden……… I love to make art that makes people smile and feel good………



Spring is finally arriving! disregard the snow

We need spring

We need spring