Carol Decker, nationally renowned self-taught artist, conservationist, educator, and award winner, resides with her husband in the foothills of the Kittatinny Mountains and forests of northwestern New Jersey. She has spent countless hours studying birds and animals in the field and a lifetime painting wildlife and its environment.

Over the years, her sensitive use of color and her realistic and finely detailed art, in acrylics, oils and pen & ink, have brought her many national awards and noted achievements. Carol Decker’s artwork is well respected in New Jersey as well as nationally and internationally. She recently had the honor of being chosen by the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (NJ and PA) in 2007 to design and paint two ornaments to be displayed on the White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room honoring our National Parks, and attended the 2007 Christmas White House Artist’s Reception. In 2008 she was chosen as “Citizen of the Year” by the Branchville Rotary for her philanthropy and support of many charity and non-profit organizations with her art for many years. She also was honored for winning the Maryland Black Bear Conservation Stamp Contest for 2001; A First Place in the International Migratory Bird Day Poster Competition sponsored by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Washington, D.C. Her artwork was featured on tens of thousands of posters, shirts, and announcements for I.M.B.D ’99. A “First Place” New York City Salmagundi Club award, a “Best Of Show” NJ Wings & Waterfowl award, numerous finalists awards for the Minnesota Deer Hunters Assn., the New Jersey Woodcock Stamp design, and the commission to provide the artwork for “Teaming With Wildlife”, a national funding initiative to benefit all wildlife and it’s habitats.

The artist’s style and unique way of “seeing” has broad interest and universal appeal. Original fine art paintings, limited edition signed & numbered prints, books, posters and a series of six collector plates, “Nature’s Gardens”, from the Bradford Exchange are all coveted by many public and private collectors.

The artist has painted over eighty full-color paintings, originally appearing in New Jersey Outdoors magazine with articles, fifty-two of which have been collected in a hard cover volume, “New Jersey Wildlife Profiles”, published by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, featuring the state’s wildlife. Her work has appeared in many books, publications and other projects of such national organizations as the National Wildlife Federation, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Quail Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Deer & Deer Hunting, and the W. Atlee Burpee Seed Company, to mention several. In addition, her art has been featured on television programs and countless exhibitions throughout the country and worldwide. Her work is also featured on calendars, apparel and greeting cards for Leanin’ Tree and Pumpernickel Press Embossed Cards, as well as many additional national decorative products through licensing. Locally, the artist was chosen “Best Artist” three years in a row by the readers of the New Jersey Herald newspaper covering northern New Jersey,and recently “Best Gallery. In addition, Decker has been selected for the “Peoples Choice” award at the New Jersey State Fair Art Exhibition for several years.

Her techniques are derived from constant field study, observation, photographing and sketching from nature. “I want people to feel as if they are looking over my shoulder to see what I see in nature when they view my paintings, like “being there”, states the artist.  I think I’m in a valuable position to offer information to others about nature and wildlife through my paintings.  In addition to painting for the pleasure of creating, art enriches and quiets our lives.   My job in life is to simply bring awareness to others of this beauty in a time when our lives are so hectic and harried.  I strive to bring this beauty and serenity to my paintings to everyone as I see it in as realistic and detailed a style as possible–I’ve known this all my life, and began this journey in early childhood.”  In the sixth grade, approximately twelve years old.  I painted my first watercolor, below.  I was attending a simple art instruction class at the home of a woman who gave after school lessons.  She asked me to pick something to paint and “see” where we are.
What is so significant is the fact that I choose a “bird”.  My path in life was laid out for me. first painting carol


Carol continues to be a role model and dedicated to the environmental focus of her painting. She feels a commitment to sharing her talents for the benefit of its educational value for everyone, especially young people. Many art projects and books have been undertaken with this in mind. “Bridges To The Natural World”, a natural history teaching guide published by the New Jersey Audubon Society, celebrates this concept. “Bridges”, illustrated by the artist, is in its fourth printing and reaches around the world. Carol Decker is a member of various conservation organizations.

“I would like my work to represent more than just its aesthetic value. Environmental education and focusing attention on outdoor space and its wildlife is also important to me.

Photographs by Sarah Lynn Decker

“Accomplishments and Credits”

  • New Jersey Herald Reader’s Survey Winner  “Best Artist” 3 years in a row, and recently selected “Best  Gallery”
  • Painted two Christmas Ornaments for White House Christmas Tree in Blue Room-attended White House Reception 2007
  • Rotary International 2008 Citizen of Year Award for philanthropy and support of non-profits.
  • Bradford Exchange Six Collector Plates Series.
  • “Ever Vigilant” white-tailed deer art, National 2nd Place Award Winning Painting.
  • First Place Winning Design for the International Migratory Bird Day ’99 Poster.
  • Eighty Original Paintings for New Jersey Outdoors Magazine.
  • “Teaming With Wildlife” National Poster Design.
  • Maryland Black Bear Winning Conservation Stamp Design.
  • “Bridges To The Natural World”, “New Jersey Wildlife Profiles”, “Shorebirds of South Dakota, Books”.
  • Books, Wildlife Coasters, Greeting Cards, Calendars, Posters, Apparel, National Magazines and Various Numerous Illustrations. Many Licensed National Decorative Products.
  • Limited Edition prints, fine art original paintings.
  • First Place Award, New York City Salmagundi Club.
  • New Jersey Woodcock Stamp Design.